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Leighan Meddick
2014-03-05, 11:17
In October 2012, I started automatic lessons with Mark, and passed the test first time in Jan 2013 with 4 minors. I returned a year later (Jan 2014) to learn manual, and again, just passed the manual test first time with only 4 minors.

Mark is very friendly, and it's a good laugh during the lessons. He is definitely not a miserable, patronizing git like some instructors I've met! Cannot recommend him highly enough.

Many thanks, Mark, and best of luck for the future!
Emily Whitaker
2014-02-21, 20:48
Cannot reccomend Mark a Easter at SLK enough as I passed first time. Felt very confident when it came to my test due to mark being very helpful, patient and thourough. A++++
Han Hameeteman
2014-02-19, 13:18
Passed first time with NIL faults, no need to mention anything more . Thanks Mark.
Paul Unsworth
2014-02-12, 19:32
A big thank you to Mark Easter for helping me pass my driving test. A great instructor easy to talk to and very professional. Thanks once again Mark.
Paul Hindley
2014-01-27, 02:36
Mark has been a fantastic driving instructor. When I started having lessons with him 15 months ago, I was completely new to driving having not taken any lessons before. I found Mark to be very patient and very encouraging towards me and my driving. I got on very well with him and he was really easy to talk to.

I found the thought of learning to drive very challenging because of the fact that I have a moderate form of cerebral palsy that causes me to have some difficulties and limitations. Mark’s car came equipped with all the adaptations I needed in-order to learn to drive; including a spinner, a control panel and a left foot accelerator. These enabled me to make great progress on the road.

I took my theory test last May, which I passed at the first attempt. My first practical driving test was booked for December, which I failed to pass. However, this January I had a second attempt and I successfully passed my driving test. Second Time’s The Charm! I am now looking into getting a car and hopefully going to book some Pass Plus lessons with Mark very soon.

I would recommend Mark Easter and the SLK Driving School to anyone. Mark’s lessons have been outstanding. I wish him the best of luck for the future.
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