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Disability Driving Lessons Blackpool

Mark Easter of SLK Driving School Blackpool is certified by the Queen Elizabeth Foundation (QEF) Mobility Services for teaching people with disabilities and the elderly to drive. Mark is also a member of the QEF Approved Driving Instructor Register and is registered with the Wigan branch of the Forum of Mobility Centres.

SLK Driving School Blackpool has a standard manual transmission car but also offers a specially adapted automatic car with controls that can give people with various upper and lower body restrictions the freedom to drive. We offer the following:-

Hand Control

A single lever push/pull hand control to enable someone to operate the brake and accelerator without having to use the foot pedals, suitable for people with limited lower body use. An integral indicator switch is also fitted.

Left-Foot Accelerator

Developed for automatic cars to enable the driver to brake and accelerate with the left foot, ideal for people with limited use of the right leg. The pedal is floor mounted and has a right footed accelerator pedal guard for safety.

Steering Spinner with Wireless Keypad Controls

The remote controlled keypad in conjunction with a steering spinner means you can operate all the main auxiliary controls and steer the car with one hand.

Easy Release Handbrake

The easy release handbrake has easy to grip handles which eliminates the use of any stiff buttons. This makes it ideal for people with conditions such as arthritis.

Pedal Extensions

These pedals fit over the existing pedals ( automatic car only ) and are ideal for people with shorter legs. They extend the pedals by approximately 3.5 inches. This enables the driver to sit further back in the seat giving a safer driving position and improving visibility.

Mark will be able to give advice and guidance on equipment and adaptations and training for people with specific needs.

Please call Mark on 07872 029 217 to discuss in more detail or send an email via the Contacts page

( QEF Mobility Services is endorsed by the Department for Transport, DVLA, accredited by Forum and recognised by the DSA as well as working in partnership with Motability, visit www.qef.org.uk )

Pass Plus

SLK Driving School's Pass Plus courses in Blackpool in either automatic or manual.

Pass Plus

Gift Vouchers

SLK Driving School offers Gift Vouchers for both automatic and manual driving lessons. Perfect for any occasion.

Gift Vouchers